Media Literacy

I have gotten the chance to be a part of an online Media class, and the other day I took my midterm. One question asked me how has my media literacy change while participating in the class. Media literacy is defined, “as a set of perspectives that we actively use to expose ourselves to the mass media to process and interpret the meaning of the message we encounter,” according to my textbook Media Literacy. I enjoyed learning about individual units such as fake news, and who owns the media. My media literacy has changed because I am now educated on how to tell the difference between bias new sources and credible news sources. I know what to look for while researching facts online and what websites should contain to know that they are telling the truth, such as dates and author’s credibility. Now I also notice in my everyday life how much advertisement is surrounding me. After doing the last project, I see nothing but advertisement and can tell the various fallacies they are using to get our attention. I see that a lot of people are blind to all these fallacies the media and advertisers use to get our awareness about their product or message. Overall, I believe the media has control over the people who unaware of their power. The public is blind to the brainwashing the media has done throughout the years such as propaganda. If we as a country knew how the media worked more, we could use it for our good and inform people about issues that matter. Maybe, the flooding of fake news contributed by Russia would not have influenced our election if the public knew how to weed out the non-credible news source. I am not saying that is the only thing that influenced the outcome of the election but the media has a huge part in the way we make decisions in our everyday lives. As long as people do not educate themselves about the media, there is no saying what the media can influence us to do. I am very thankful that I am taking this class because it has opened my eyes to a whole new world that I was not mindful of and that is how my media literacy has changed. Here is some information about how the media works and who controls it. media-infographic

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