Beginning Vacation

Not much has happened since I blogged the last time. I graduated from the community college I was attending with an associates degree in communication studies, social behavior, and liberal arts. I am proud of myself for making this achievement in my life. I am aware an associates is not much but it is a step closer to my bachelors, masters, and maybe even a PhD. I was not excited about the idea of attending a junior college but I gotta say it was not a bad experience. I was able to meet so many beautiful people and also learned a lot about myself. It is now summer vacation for me. The first summer that I do not have to attend any mandatory practices; sadly. It is an odd feeling to have so much time on my hands to do practically whatever my heart desires. I am still going to the gym and working on strengthening my leg while getting back into shape. Recently, I have been accepted to the University of La Verne which is the school I want to attend and hopefully get the chance to play basketball for them. So my mindset is to get back in shape this summer and keep my eye on the prize. I have been trying to start some new hobbies, for instance I bought a scrapbook that I plan working on during vacation. Lately I have also been applying to some part-time jobs so I can save up some money and eventually move out. I have been wanting to travel this summer too so I hope I can land a good job and have some money for myself. Besides that I believe this summer is a chance for me to revaluate my plans for the future and focus on bettering myself physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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