Vice News is by far my favorite news broadcasting company. Sadly you can only view them on HBO, Viceland, or online at vicenews.com. Vice discusses and goes into details about issues/events that most people feel uncomfortable talking about or do not know much about (ex. marijuana, LGBTQ, racism, cyberspace, foreign affairs, healthcare, religion, war, culture and other issues).  The video I have attached to this blog has to do with the recent event in Charlottesville regarding the alt-right, neo-Nazis, KKK and the protestors against these hate groups. Watching this happen in Charlottesville made me feel frightened and disgusted that hate groups like the neo-Nazis feel approved and obligated to rally and promote hate messages in this country. To top it off our President Donald Trump does not regulate on these hate groups, but rather he believes both sides are to blame. The racist, bigot, xenophobe, prejudice and non-racist people both have problems according to our President. I do not discuss my political views or beliefs much on my blog. I do not want people to feel overwhelmed by my views or feel as if I am trying to change your beliefs. Although, racism is something I cannot tolerate no matter what! It is something I do not understand and cannot comprehend. How can someone hate another person for the color of their skin or appearance? No matter what we are all humans and have the same body structure such as a heart, brain, stomach, and other vital organs. How does the pigment of your skin make you better or less than someone else? Overall, the video attached here shows behind the scenes of the neo-Nazis and KKK group before and after the protest. I do not agree with the neo-Nazis and KKK group’s beliefs but it is good to educate oneself about these hate groups. If one does not know what is bad and evil how can one see what is good and pure?


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