Using fear in you favor

“Fear, fear is a powerful thing. I mean it’s got a lot of firepower. If you can figure out how to wrestle that fear to push you from behind rather than to stand in front of you, that’s very powerful.” – Jimmy Iovine


Jimmy Iovine’s quote has been significant in my life recently. I believe we are all afraid of not doing well or not succeeding in life. A couple of weeks ago I met with my doctor regarding my knee. He said to me that I am behind in my recovery and my leg is weak. My last physical therapist, I was seeing did not help me to full recovery. The last couple of weeks I have been seeing another therapist and believe that my leg is getting stronger now. Yet, I do not think my leg is close to where it has to be. In two weeks I meet with my doctor again to check if I have gotten stronger. The process to full recovery has been nothing but a rollercoaster for me. The goal is to be able to run by the end of August, but knowing that my recovery has been slow, I am not sure if my goal will be reached. The quote in the beginning is meaningful to me because I have a fear of not reaching my goals. I am determined to make the basketball team at the University of La Verne, but I am not sure if my physical strength is in my favor. The other day I went to the gym, and it was packed with people playing basketball everywhere. Then suddenly my heart felt heavy as if there was a weight on my chest. While leaving, I went into my car and broke down crying because I could not face the fact that I am not able to play the game I love. I am trying to use this incident in my favor by motivating me even more. Trusting in my training that I will reach my goal in time. The struggle to become physically healthy again will probably make achieving my goal feel even 10x better. I understand this is not supposed to be easy, but I am beginning to become anxious in reaching my goal.

Eventually, everything works out in the end. So do not be in fear of failure or not doing well. Fear is nothing but something we humans create for ourselves as an excuse not to achieve our goals or do what we want in life. Failure will be there throughout life, but as long as you get up and keep going, it is nothing to fear. I know what I need to do to reach my goals and I have been focusing on my objective in life more attentively. Everyone should stay focused and ambitious on their goals.

Beginning Vacation

Not much has happened since I blogged the last time. I graduated from the community college I was attending with an associates degree in communication studies, social behavior, and liberal arts. I am proud of myself for making this achievement in my life. I am aware an associates is not much but it is a step closer to my bachelors, masters, and maybe even a PhD. I was not excited about the idea of attending a junior college but I gotta say it was not a bad experience. I was able to meet so many beautiful people and also learned a lot about myself. It is now summer vacation for me. The first summer that I do not have to attend any mandatory practices; sadly. It is an odd feeling to have so much time on my hands to do practically whatever my heart desires. I am still going to the gym and working on strengthening my leg while getting back into shape. Recently, I have been accepted to the University of La Verne which is the school I want to attend and hopefully get the chance to play basketball for them. So my mindset is to get back in shape this summer and keep my eye on the prize. I have been trying to start some new hobbies, for instance I bought a scrapbook that I plan working on during vacation. Lately I have also been applying to some part-time jobs so I can save up some money and eventually move out. I have been wanting to travel this summer too so I hope I can land a good job and have some money for myself. Besides that I believe this summer is a chance for me to revaluate my plans for the future and focus on bettering myself physically, mentally, and spiritually.

May 17th

On May 17th marked two years since my friend passed away. The whole day was eye opening because these last two years have been very interesting. I have learned a lot about myself, my friends, my family, and the people I surround myself with. It still hurts two years later knowing that my friend passed away at such young age with a choice he made. I am not mad or disappointed at him for making this choice. I believe that everyone has the right to choose what they want to do with their life. It is not a sin to act upon what your soul needs and wants. Yet, it still hurts. I think of my friend everyday and sometimes imagine what it would be like if he was still present. Would we still be friends? Would he still live close to me? Would we still hangout? One can only wonder what could be if reality was slightly different. I am confident that his soul is at peace for once. Eventually, all of our souls will be at peace too. No matter what happens I am sure that once moving on to the next stage the soul’s of family members and friends will unite because of the unconditional love people have one another. I find death to just be apart of the beauty of life. If there was not an end then what is there to live for? I have not lost many close people to me in life. I feel like I am still brand new in this thing called life and this is just the beginning. I am aware that life is not an easy thing to go through but that is the beauty of it. No one makes it out alive. Lately I have been yearning to explore more of this beautiful Earth the higher power has provide us with. I do not want to miss out on life and watch it pass by. You never know when one day will be your last. So one must take advantages of the opportunities provided. Like I said, no one makes it out alive…

Listening to yourself

Lately, I have noticed that I have been doing more activities by myself. I have always been a pretty independent person ever since I could remember. As being the oldest child I have been exposed to being the leader, and being independent.  Everyone is prone to losing touch with one another. While the very rare are prone to sticking around for the long run. It is unfortunate losing people but it allows everyone to get the chance to meet new people and experience new things. I have complied with a diverse group of individuals these last two years in college and they have provided me with new outlooks about life. I think I have been overthinking that fact that I am pursuing activities by myself. I have never thought of it as a bad thing, but I do not want to get completely used to it. I have not felt the need to hang out with people as much as I used too. Maybe it is the fact that I am getting older and beginning to get more comfortable with myself. Going through experiences and adventures by myself has allowed me to listen to my soul more. Now, I can hear my soul more clearly without the commands of the outside world telling me what to do and how to be. I believe that I am at a valuable time in my life right now. It is a time when anything and everything is possible. We only have so much time given on this beautiful planet to learn what our soul desires and then seizing it. I do not crave to waste any time on nonsense. The only goal is to satisfy myself with love and laughter.

Racial Discrimination

The United States of America is considered the “melting pot,” we have an enormous amount of diverse people and cultures that live here. Yet, we have persistent racial discrimination that occurs in the country we consider the land of the free and opportunity. Racial discrimination is defined as, “when a person is treated less favorably than another person in a similar situation because of their race, color, descent, national or ethic origin or immigrant status,” according to an article named “Know Your Rights.” Racial discrimination causes cultural conflict to occur in the lives of minorities. A cultural conflict is defined as “a conflict that occurs when different cultural values and beliefs clash,” from Racial discrimination causes conflicts between cultures to occur which then leads to income inequality, lack of opportunity in education, and mass incarceration.

There is a significant gap between the poor and the rich. In an article called, “Inequality in America is getting worse” from CNN Money stated, “the top 1% earn an average of 1.3million a year,” this a minuscule percentage of people that earn that much money. These are people such as CEOs of the Fortune 500 companies. How many of these CEOs are minorities? Well according to the Huffington Post only 4% which include African-American, Asians, and Latin-American. The minorities in the Fortune 500 have declined over the years an article called, “Soon, not even %1 of Fortune 500 will have black CEOs,” in the Huffington Post they interview Ronald C. Parker who is chief executive officer of the Executive Leadership Council. He believes because of globalization the top companies want people with international experience and do not focus on women or minorities. This way of thinking is a form of racial discrimination and sexism, as well as some bias that is occurring in the Fortune 500. Although it is good to have diversity in the workplace, the bosses subconsciously are more comfortable working with people like them. I do not believe that all of these business leaders consciously know that they are discriminating when not hiring and giving minorities or women opportunities if qualified to do so. It is tough for women and minorities to afford these opportunities as well.

Minorities have a lack of opportunity in education. Children living in impoverished areas do not get the same benefits when attending school. The U.S Department of Education stated, “a Department of Education study found that 45 percent of high-poverty schools received less state and local funding than was typical for other schools in their district.” The study also shows that children living with low income have a far lower rate of completing college. They are at higher rates of getting suspended, expelled, or dropping out. Exactly how are minorities supposed to become CEOs if most of them cannot even finish college and the government is not providing funding to schools in areas of low income? The Washington Post has an articled called, “Increasing College Inequality,” and provides a graph of the top 468 universities which shows that 72% of whites are attending, while only 7% of African-American and 10% Hispanic are attending these institutes. The government must provide impoverished children a chance of attending a good school to help them improve intellectually, so they have the opportunities to become CEOs too. The gap of inequality of income can only shrink if those at lower income can receive the same opportunity of a good education.

In impoverished communities, there is a lot of mass incarceration happening to people that live there. On they provide some statistics such as, “one in every ten black men in his thirties is in prison or jail on any given day, Hispanic men are 2.3x more as likely as white men to be incarcerated, and 60% of people in prison are minorities.” The United States contains an enormous amount of people behind bars about 2.4 million prisoners according to Vice News. We keep people locked up, yet we are considered the land of the free. It is more likely that a minority will be pulled over and question than a white person. There is racial discrimination occurring in the justice system and bias profiling happening as well. The stated, “The study found that white students were slightly more likely to have abused an illegal substance within the past month than black students. From 1980-2010, black youth were arrested for drug crimes at rates more than double those of white youth.” The system is aiming to harm and erupt the minority communities. Once a minority is in the system, they will confront racial bias against them each time they interact with law enforcement. I believe police must be retrained to deal with people of all colors and not assume a particular race is worse than the other. Our prisons are over flooding because us as a society we do not want to help people improve their lives instead we rather lock them up away from everyone and not deal with it. There are dangerous people out there who should not be around society though such as mass murders and rapists. Those who commit minor offensives should get a second chance and assistance to improve their lives. We can begin by developing impoverished areas with a good education so children can have opportunities to improve their communities and way of life.

In conclusion, I believe this racial discrimination has a lot to do with individualistic value. The textbook Human Communication in Society define individualistic orientation as,“ a value orientation that respects that autonomy and independence of individuals.” The reason I believe this is a problem is that I explained that most minorities do not get the same education opportunity like the rest. The majority of them are being locked up instead. People who are not minorities are just thinking of themselves and can care less if a minority wants to go to college. I do not want to generalize one group, but I do believe that most of them could care less if an African American child does not have a father because he is locked up, again. The system is rigged to make sure minorities stay at the bottom of society. We can fix this if law enforcement wants to retrain officers not to assume one race is less harmful than the other. Also, this can not be fully solved if the system does not change. The 13th amendment states, “neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction,” we are incarcerating mainly minorities as if they were slaves and this indeed is racial discrimination.

Media Literacy

I have gotten the chance to be a part of an online Media class, and the other day I took my midterm. One question asked me how has my media literacy change while participating in the class. Media literacy is defined, “as a set of perspectives that we actively use to expose ourselves to the mass media to process and interpret the meaning of the message we encounter,” according to my textbook Media Literacy. I enjoyed learning about individual units such as fake news, and who owns the media. My media literacy has changed because I am now educated on how to tell the difference between bias new sources and credible news sources. I know what to look for while researching facts online and what websites should contain to know that they are telling the truth, such as dates and author’s credibility. Now I also notice in my everyday life how much advertisement is surrounding me. After doing the last project, I see nothing but advertisement and can tell the various fallacies they are using to get our attention. I see that a lot of people are blind to all these fallacies the media and advertisers use to get our awareness about their product or message. Overall, I believe the media has control over the people who unaware of their power. The public is blind to the brainwashing the media has done throughout the years such as propaganda. If we as a country knew how the media worked more, we could use it for our good and inform people about issues that matter. Maybe, the flooding of fake news contributed by Russia would not have influenced our election if the public knew how to weed out the non-credible news source. I am not saying that is the only thing that influenced the outcome of the election but the media has a huge part in the way we make decisions in our everyday lives. As long as people do not educate themselves about the media, there is no saying what the media can influence us to do. I am very thankful that I am taking this class because it has opened my eyes to a whole new world that I was not mindful of and that is how my media literacy has changed. Here is some information about how the media works and who controls it. media-infographic